Frequent stress leads to weight gain – nutritionist

Частое стрессовое состояние приводит к набору лишнего веса - диетолог

If you want to get rid of extra pounds, in addition to diet and sport you must also take care of their psychological condition. Nutritionist Olga Usenko says that man, often staying under stress, gaining weight, and quite actively, reports with reference to RBC-Ukraine.

According to Olga Usenko, frequent exposure to stress will result for a person more and gain weight. The nutritionist explained that all people have the mechanism of the hormones is just about the same. During stress, the body begins to produce certain hormones – prolactin, norepinephrine, epinephrine, cortisol. The latter has a key impact on the human body, as responsible for the metabolism of insulin and glucose and also regulates the balance of sugar.

Frequent stress, cortisol production increases significantly. This, in turn, leads to increased blood pressure, hyperglycemia, poor thyroid function, tissue destruction, and so on. In addition, too much of this hormone contributes to the emergence of fat primarily in the waist area. In addition, the person has a craving for sweets and fatty foods. The body simply receives signals about the need to increase the reserves of “energy reserve”, and executes them. We will remind, earlier the scientists said about the benefits of chili peppers.