Friday is a national campaign “love the MP of my city”

В пятницу - всеукраинская акция «Полюби депутата своего города»

Organizers said the term “love”.

Deputies of local councils of the Dnieper are invited to attend on 15 February, after Valentine’s Day, at 15:00 on the European square for a meeting with voters.

“The deputies, first of all, people, and there is something to love. The action is aimed at establishing a dialogue between citizens and deputies of local councils and informing urban residents about how they can apply to the elect, than to help in the work. The Deputy of the local Council works on a voluntary basis and often can not know about all the problems in the neighborhood or the city,” they write on their website the organizers.

During the action on the canvas is divided into 2 parts, citizens should write: one half – what they like local Council members, and on the other they loved them even more.

After that everyone will be able to see a list of deputies and, if necessary, write an appeal, order or suggestion to improve life in the city. A list of deputies and sample treatment can be taken from the coordinator of the “active Communities” from the Institute “Republic”.

Contact person: Chernyshev Dmitry, regional coordinator VI “the Active community” in the river, +380508022289, [email protected]

Reportedly, the activists have sent invitations to join the campaign deputies that they could come to communicate with citizens and find out what they like.

The campaign is organized by public organization NGO “the Institute “Republic”, carried out with awareness-raising purpose.

“We are apolitical and do not support political forces or candidates. The term “love” is used in context is to monitor the activities of deputies, to control their actions, to speak to elected representatives and to help in addressing important issues of the city,” – says the organizers.