Fried eggs: good or bad for the body

Жареные яйца: полезны или вредны для организма

Favorite eggs fried very popular. What is the benefit to eating eggs raw, boiled or fried in dietetics. Definitely eat eggs is desirable, along with soups, cereals, vegetables and greens.

Don’t forget about the importance of healthy fibers for proper bowel function in combination with eggs. Protein is very necessary for our body to maintain muscle and fibre to improve digestion. The composition of the eggs has a lot of useful vitamins for vision and healthy eyes. Vitamin a prevents dryness of eyes, prevents the development of cataracts, strengthens retina and improves overall health.

Fatty acids in eggs regulates metabolism and helps with weight loss. Eggs are of great vitamin value, protein is very well absorbed.

For good absorption they should be subjected to heat treatment. It is best to eat for Breakfast a couple of eggs. Eggs contain the amino acid lysine, essential for growth, especially beneficial for children and adolescents.

Do not forget that an excessive amount of certain minerals and vitamins can cause damage to the human body. Do not abuse fried eggs, avoid the adverse consequences. Eat no more than two eggs during the day and not necessarily every day.

Include them in your diet for three days in a week, this will be enough. For the people who diet, fried eggs high in calories, but with the addition of butter, this figure increases. Fried eggs are especially useful in combination with vegetables and greens!