Friedrich Merz – “the man from the past”?

Фридрих Мерц - "человек из прошлого"?

“Millionaire middle class” – so called in the German conservatives Friedrich Merz, another contender for the post of General Secretary of the CDU.

63-year-old candidate is well-known to political scientists: from 2000 to 2002 he was the head of fraction of conservatives in the Bundestag. In 2004, the merc came from the governing bodies of the CDU, and five years later finally moved to the private sector.

For many years, Friedrich Merz, he worked as a corporate lawyer and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the German division of BlackRock – one of the world’s largest investment companies. It is popular with the business community and continues to enjoy the support of influential party members, for example, the President of the Bundestag Wolfgang Schaeuble.

“His undoubted experience in the field of economy and the fact that he long time was absent in politics, means he can present himself as a ray of light bringing hope. He can say, “I’ll be different”! says a leading analyst Agency REUTERS.

The intention to run for the presidency of the CDU Merz said, as soon as it became aware of the failure of Angela Merkel to nominate his candidacy for a fifth term. Observers believe that the policy he left due to disagreements with the current Chancellor of Germany, and assume that in case of victory of Merkel will not be able to hold the post of the head of the government until 2021.

Friedrich Merck has promised in case of victory, to smooth out the corners in the relationship with Merkel, guided by the “sense of responsibility”. However, he advocated the restriction

the number of mandates.

The weak point of his candidacy observers believe the unpopularity among the younger members of the CDU, for which the merc – man from the distant past.

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