Friendly match “Ruh – Niva was interrupted because of abnormal betting: video

Контрольный поединок "Рух – "Нива" прервали из-за аномальных букмекерских ставок: видео

Test match between Vynnykivske “Rukh” and Ternopil “Niva” were under suspicion of FFU.

The Federation has received a signal from the bookies about the abnormal rates for a fixed result – the defeat of the “Niva” with a difference more than two goals.

The break with the score 2:0 in favor of the “movement”, the President of the club from Vinnikov Gregory Kozlowski wanted to stop the match, but after consultation with the UFF, it was decided to continue it. However, the players ‘ movement was instructed to reduce the activity on the field and never score.

I really wanted to punish these people. With us in these games can not play! Will be punished as they can until the match is stopped. Leonid Stanislavovich [Kuchuk] we asked the players to play that way. So we played the second half, that no-one scored himself. Hi to those who today, not money,
– said Kozlovsky TV channel “Football 1”.

In the end, the match ended with the score 2:0. Abnormally high stakes not played.

By the way, according to the national police, the investigators have conducted dozens of searches and number of procedural actions on the facts of the organization in Ukraine of match-fixing.

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