Frima in the playground of amusement parks

More than a year after its restructuring, the independent digital entertainment studio Frima has regained its financial health. Even his order book is not stopping with projects dedicated to amusement parks on the side of China and Florida, Le Soleil learned.
“We have several productions in progress. We are currently working with great entertainment players whether in the game or in the movie world, “said Martin Carrier, President and CEO of Frima.

In recent months, the Saint-Roch company has continued its development in three business sectors, video games, animation and connected objects.

It is also thanks to this last category that the company has attracted the attention of theme park owners.

“Parks today use these technologies to provide new experiences for their audiences. We feel a lot of enthusiasm for this type of product, “says Mr. Carrier.

“We are currently working with amusement parks in China and Florida. For China, we are working with a major Hollywood toy license to create a new interactive experience. We are talking about an experience a bit like a virtual arcade, “he continues.

On the Florida side, Frima is mainly prototyping for a new attraction. “It’s a little at the crossroads between a camera and the image,” says Carrier

For the moment, however, it is impossible to extract more information from the big boss about the details of games because of confidentiality clauses.

However, he said that the attraction for the Middle Kingdom should be in service from August. There is no date yet for the Florida side project.

“The recovery is very well rooted at Frima. We have several projects in the start-up phase »
– Martin Carrier, President and CEO of Frima

In total, Frima is currently working on some fifteen different projects around the world. The studio collaborates with partners like Mattel, Hasbro, Lego, Ubisoft and Electronic Arts.

“The recovery is very well rooted at Frima. We have several projects in the start-up phase, “enthuses the one who once headed Montreal’s WB Games studio since its founding.

New game

This week, Frima launched a new video game called Illusion, a tale of the spirit. This is the first production of intellectual property for the studio since the arrival in 2017 of Mr. Carrier.

This two-year project, of approximately $ 1.5 million, was conducted in collaboration with the Matane PVP Group and the Digital Imaging Research and Development Center (CDRIN). It was piloted by the designer Soni Vuong. Thirty people put their shoulder to the wheel.

“We are very proud. It’s a new release. This demonstrates the dynamism of Frima and the sector in Quebec, “says Carrier. “An exit from play is like giving birth. This is good news, “he continues.

Illusion is the story of a young girl named Emma who seeks to free the spirit of her father controlled by nasty kidnappers. His universe is filled with old memories and deep wounds where the player has to solve certain intrigues.

The game is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

In recent weeks, Frima has also announced the launch of Super Chariot on the Nintendo Switch console.

The company now has 175 workers. She is currently looking for new brains.

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