From 1 August in hire leaves a film “Parasites”, the top prize at the Cannes film festival

С 1 августа в прокат выходит фильм "Паразиты", обладатель главного приза на Каннском кинофестивале

Mon Jun Ho – Korea’s first Director, noted the main prize of Cannes.

From 1 August in the Ukrainian film distribution comes a tragicomic Thriller “Parasites”, Korean Director Pont Joon Ho, who received this year’s “Palme d’or” at the Cannes film festival. It is reported by the Arthouse Traffic.

The world premiere of “Parasites” was also held within the framework of the main program of the Cannes film festival. After the show, the audience 15 minutes applauded the ribbon standing up. The film also received the highest rating in the traditional ranking of film magazine Screen Daily.

In addition to the formal rental, on July 31 in Kyiv cinema “Oscar” (“Gulliver” shopping Mall) will host the premiere. In addition, will host a series of special screening: August 2 in the “Planet cinema” (SEC Blockbuster) the film will be introduced by film critic Stanislav Bicocca, August 3 in “Linia Kino” (shopping center Aladdin) will present Sergei Ksaveriv, August 4 at the cinema “October” will present film critic Andrey Alferov. In the “Planet cinema” and “October,” the film will be screened in original language with Ukrainian subtitles.

Tape “Parasites” is built around a family of four unemployed people whose life does not promise them a bright future. The situation changes when the eldest son offer the highest paying part time tutor. Making a good impression, the elder son finds out about another open position, and he has a very unusual plan for employment sisters.

PON Joon-Ho is the first Korean Director who won the top award of Cannes. By the way, it also coincided with the 100th anniversary of the Korean cinema. On account of the Director of 7 feature films, prize San sebastián and the Asian film Academy. The Ukrainian viewer can know on Korean-American science fiction drama “Occa”, filmed for Netflix and was nominated for the “Palme d’or” and the militant dystopia “Snigur” with Tilda Swinton and Chris Evans.

PON Joon-Ho described the “Parasites” as “a Comedy without clowns and tragedy without thieves”. Also, the Director emphasized the danger of spoilers for the perception of the story, and persistently asked the audience to refrain from disclosing details of the plot. “If you’re writing a review for this film, please refrain from revealing the events that unfold after the brother and sister start to work as Tutors. Your tactful restraint makes a wonderful gift for the spectators and the team that created this movie,” says the Director.