From 1 July in Ukraine will increase the living wage

С 1 июля в Украине повысится прожиточный минимум

From 1 July 2020 in Ukraine will rise the cost of living. In addition, the rise of the level of other social benefits.

It is known that in General, the amount per person will increase to 2118 hryvnia. For children up to 6 years up to 1859 hryvnia for working Ukrainians – 2318 hryvnia, and for the disabled – up to 1,712 USD.

The minimum wage will not rise during the current year, as the wage rate.

Also from 1 July will be held indexation of wages under the subsistence minimum amount 2197 hryvnia.

The maximum size of the unemployment benefit will be 8788 UAH, and the level of the minimum pension will be 1,712 USD.

The minimum size of the alimony for children up to 6 years will be 929,50 UAH, and for children over this age – 1159,00 hryvnia.

Recall that in the Ministry said that because of a shortage of employment people may be left without a pension. But the options out of this situation is: will be possible to purchase experience or to work to 65 years.

Also earlier it was reported that the government will change the method of determining and calculating the subsistence minimum. The Cabinet argued that the minimum wage will rise to the real level.

The government