From 1 may it will be possible to change operator without changing phone number

С 1 мая можно будет сменить оператора без смены номера телефона

The service of transfer subscriber numbers for mobile phone users will work on 1 may.

This is stated in the reply of the National Commission, carrying out state regulation in the sphere of communications and Informatization, the request “mirrors of week”.

The national Commission recalled that, from 4 February to 30 April, is the pilot operation of services of transferring subscriber numbers of the mobile operators jointly with the state enterprise “Ukrainian state centre of radio frequencies”.

“The next step is the introduction of transfer subscriber numbers for telecommunication mobile networks from 1 may,” the document says.

Ready to launch services also confirmed all major mobile operators.

As the newspaper notes, the introduction of the service for number portability in Ukraine is three years later than approved schedule and with a delay of 20 years compared to other countries.

At the same time, mobile operators deploying 4G networks continue to increase fares and force subscribers to pay more and more. In this situation, the possibility of changing the operator keeping room will allow users to show disagreement with the policy of the operator and can indirectly influence the formation of tariffs and the provision of services.

Note that the start date of the services to keep their telephone numbers when switching to another operator repeatedly shifted.

Until that time, it was believed that the service will be available from February 2019.

More about the service, see the link: go to another mobile operator and keep the number: one step to freedom

С 1 мая можно будет сменить оператора без смены номера телефона