From 3% in India to 20% in the world: Honor announced a new strategy to capture the market

С 3% в Индии до 20% в мире: Honor заявила о новой стратегии захвата рынка

To be in the TOP 4 smartphone manufacturers in the world market and in the TOP 2 in China, the ambitious company plans less than a year.

Honor is one of the fastest growing brands in 2018, but its share in the market, according to experts, is only 3%. Today, the company announced a new strategy to capture the market – Honor intends to acquire 20% of the market and become the third largest player. To implement a winning strategy Honor will begin from India.

The main factor of growth of sales of the Chinese company will be strengthening its image as a manufacturer of high-quality and reliable products that will expand sales channels and attract new partners in India. In addition, Honor hopes to cooperate with Internet services, said the PTI President of Honor Business Unit, George Zhao.

Experts believe that the main asset of Honor in India will still be cooperation with the local authorities. The company produces in India 95% of all smartphones, while India is interested in new investments, therefore, will support the Chinese. Sam Zhao no secret that the success of competitive struggle will largely depend on the business strategy of the local team. If the result is good, then the investment will not be forthcoming. Also Honor can start producing tablets and laptops, what the Board is willing to allocate additional funds.

We know that the Huawei has launched the Honor for sales of smartphones middle class through the Internet platform, and the last two products came out in the premium segment with a corresponding cost. Probably Honor will return to the original plan and will continue to release smartphones in the middle segment and expensive gadgets will produce Huawei. Thus, brands will be able to expand its presence in the price range from 5.5 thousand rubles to 50 thousand.