From allergies to toothpaste died 11-year-old girl

От аллергии на зубную пасту умерла 11-летняя девочка

11-year-old Denise saldate of the us state of California have died from allergic reaction to toothpaste.

The girl from early childhood was allergic to dairy, and her parents are very strictly followed so that it takes to eat and what is written on the labels, reports the People

However, they had no idea that recommended by the dentist to strengthen enamel paste contains the ingredient Recaldent (Recaldent) based on milk protein and can be dangerous for their child.

While brushing your teeth at Denise went into anaphylactic shock.

“She said, “I Think I’m allergic to pasta.” And her lips are already blue… I picked her up in his arms, put on your bed”, – said the mother of schoolgirl Monique Altamirano will.

The woman called an ambulance and gave my daughter the medicine.

“She said, “Mommy, I can’t breathe”. And I replied, “I love you, Yes, you can”” – with tears remembers Monique.

The woman tried to make daughter’s artificial respiration.

“The paste was smeared on her teeth and gums and blocked oxygen,” she says.

Denise died two days later.

Monique says that Denise was so happy that will use “special paste”. And Altamirano will not thought to check the ingredients list, although on the tube in small print was a warning that the pasta contains dairy components.

Now she feels that she failed my child and caused his death.

Grieving mother urges parents to be attentive to composition, even those products that seem at first to be safe.