From beer to handles. Koreans announced a large-scale boycott Japanese goods

От пива до ручек. Корейцы объявили масштабный бойкот японским товарам

Between the outbreak of real trade war.

After the introduction of Japan’s export restrictions on a number of products to South Korea between the two countries began the present trade and political confrontation. South Koreans have begun to refuse Japanese products, thus demonstrating a national outcry, according to Reuters. Refuse everything from beer, pens and clothing to travel.

It is curious that Seoul, capital of South Korea, do not rush to answers for Tokyo. Doesn’t want to carry the conflict to the world trade organization. So the citizens decided to take matters into their own hands.

For example, as soon as the Japanese embargo learned in South Korea, the next day the Manager of a large supermarket in Seoul Purunemart 1500 sq. m., immediately gave the order to wipe off the shelves of all Japanese goods. However, he said that the drop in sales of 10-15%, which he is already facing will not affect his decision. More than 200 other supermarkets and grocery stores did the same.

After the international scandal Japanese beer in South Korea declined by almost 25%. And this despite the fact that in the 2018 South Korea consumed 61% of the Japanese beer, paying to the importer 7.9 billion yen ($ 73,13 million). Number of travel orders in Japan fell by 10%. Some firms in any case, even stopped advertising tours.

However, the situation is, of course, react in high circles. For example, on July 15, the President of South Korea, moon Jae In, protested to the Japanese government for restrictions on the number of materials of strategic purpose.

The relationship between the States deteriorated after South Korea demanded that Japan pay compensation for the forced labor of the inhabitants of the country in the period of colonization of the Korean Peninsula in 1910-1945 years. After that, the reaction of Tokyo to wait for itself has not forced.