From fines to prison: the Ukrainians “hunt” for lack of a document

От штрафа до тюрьмы: на украинцев "охотятся" из-за отсутствия документа

The Ukrainians, who decided to go abroad by car, skip across the border only in the case of certificates of international system of automobile insurance Green card

Automatic verification of these documents at all border crossings has been working for more than a month. They are all connected to a database that allows employees of the SBS to monitor the availability of certificates.

According to the State border service, the interchange of data between databases Motor (transport) insurance Bureau of Ukraine and information and telecommunications system of border control service.

“Thus, the guards at registration of citizens crossing the state border of Ukraine Ukrainian car registration, immediately check the validity of insurance policies. If the database of the insurance Bureau, the border guards will find the lack of information on the conclusion of the corresponding contract, the vehicle is not passed through border”, – told the Agency.

Note that, in accordance with the law “On mandatory insurance of civil liability of owners of vehicles”, in the case of departure of a vehicle registered in Ukraine, member countries of the international system of automobile insurance Green card the owner of such vehicle shall have a valid contract of international insurance.

In the first days after the start of continuous operation of the automated inspection system in Ukraine (from February 11) the guards found nearly 20 fake insurance certificates, 27 void, and about two thousand cars were not missed due to the lack of certificates.

The falsification of documents motorists will have to pay dearly: fines of up to UAH 50 thousand or incur the penalty of arrest for up to 6 months, or restraint of liberty for a term up to two years.

For forgery in accordance with the current legislation also provides for a fine up to 70 tax-free minimum incomes, or arrest for a term of 6 months, or freedom restriction for a period of three to five years.