From Kiev molested the child in a public toilet, while my mom was waiting on the street (video)

Киевлянин приставал к ребенку в общественном туалете, пока мама ждала на улице (видео)

In Kiev, the man molested the boy in a public toilet in the Park “Encouraging” in Solomenskiy district. At this time, the baby’s mother waiting for her son outside.

The incident occurred on Sunday in broad daylight, was transferred to Municipal protection on the page in Facebook.

When the boy began to resist, inadequate man approaching retirement age, hurried retreat. The child told mom about the incident, and she called for help. The malefactor was detained by the on duty security detail and handed over to the police.

“I hope that the subject will suffer a just punishment and no child will become the next victim”, – stated in the message.

In the Internet appeared the video with the story of the child victim about the incident. The boy at the camera pointed at the suspect caught.

A video posted to Facebook “, Kiev Operative”.

“I began to climb in shorts fingers… I did that (moved, – Ed.) he stopped. Then again, to cuddle up to the corner where the dumpster is. To cuddle and to do that… He’s gone, and I quickly shut the door, did his business and then went back,” said the boy.

“And that’s all the time he was in the bathroom. I went to look for him, and he was there waiting for the toilet yet,” added the mother of the child.

Militiamen find out the details of the incident.

Law enforcement officers