From Kravchuk to Zelensky: why do the presidents of Ukraine fly to the US actually

От Кравчука до Зеленского: зачем президенты Украины летают в США на самом деле

Most active visitor to the White House from the Ukrainian President was Leonid Kuchma, and fluent Yanukovych visited the United States only once.

We remind that President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky is in America from September 23 and is scheduled to speak at the General Assembly of the UN Council, which will take place tomorrow. In addition to speech, the President will hold a series of important diplomatic negotiations with the representatives of different States. In addition, there will be a meeting with Donald trump. The US President has already called Zelensky “tough guy”, but on September 25, Ukrainians will hear about the results of the conversation internally.

The first President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk met with the head of the US once, after which was signed the Memorandum of understanding. According to Kravchuk, it was a strange agreement, based on the history of relations with Washington, which has strenuously insisted that Ukraine is not out of the USSR.

Leonid Kuchma visited the U.S. on official visits several times, and the meetings were quite open, which surprised the Americans. However, Kuchma signed a number of important agreements with the United States.

Viktor Yushchenko, despite the obvious proamerican position, flew to Washington after meetings in Russia and Europe. Nevertheless, Yushchenko was honored to speak to Congress, what became a personal victory of the former President.

Viktor Yanukovych flew to the US only once to get the financial guarantee of the security in the Chernobyl zone.

Petro Poroshenko flew to Washington several times, and was even given the honour to speak at the Congress, and Yushchenko. There are rumors that the meeting of Donald trump with Petro Poroshenko took place after “payment of a certain amount of money.”