From “light flu” before the crash: as Brazil has become a hotbed of pandemic

От "легкого гриппа" до катастрофы: как Бразилия стала очагом пандемии

Lukashenko and trump isn’t the only leaders of States, to the last denied the threat COVID-19. They echoed the President of Brazil Bolsonaro – despite the huge number of cases in the country.

Brazil came in third in the world in the number of identified cases of infection with coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, conceding on this indicator only the USA and Russia. As of Tuesday, may 19, the total number of infected people in this Latin American country has exceeded 250,000 people, and the official number of deaths due COVID-19 increased to 16 853.

While in Brazil, compared to the USA, Russia and UK, tested only a tiny proportion of the population, so the real number of people infected is obviously several times higher. The country’s hospitals are overcrowded, and more people die at home and not passing the tests for coronavirus. Signs of the decline of the epidemic, yet the number of cases continues to grow, and footage of mass graves in Manaus and Sao Paulo already spread all over the world.

“I may be a Messiah, but miracles can not do “

At the same time, the President of the country Air Bolsonaro did not seem too concerned with the situation. He calls coronavirus only a “slight flu” and claims that “hysteria” around it is beneficial to China, which is trying in this way to harm himself Bolsonaro and the President of the United States Donald Trump.

In March Bolsonaro caused the demonstrative visit of the American leader, arriving to Florida. Upon returning from the trip, more than 20 members of the Brazilian delegation identified a coronavirus.

Bolsonaro deliberately ignored the recommendations of the world health organization (who) and the Ministry of health, which urge citizens to adhere to the rules of social distancing. He gladly shakes hands with his supporters who every week protest outside the presidential Palace demanding the abolition of restrictive measures. I say, a former athlete and the virus is nothing to him, brags Bolsonaro.

The protesters publicly criticize state governors and mayors, ordered to close on quarantine malls and stores are not selling commodities. In response to the accusations of the opponents is that the number of deaths in the country continues to grow, Bolsonaro says: “What can I do? My name is Messiah (the second name Žiar Bolsonaro Messias. -.), but work miracles I can’t.”

Prayers and anti-malarial drug

Despite this, the President urged residents to pray for deliverance from the coronavirus. In addition, like Donald trump, it is recommended for the treatment of COVID-19 antimalarial drug chloroquine and instructed the laboratory of the armed forces of Brazil to produce one million tablets of the drug.

Health Minister Luis Enrique Mandate, however, refused to issue a permit for the use of this drug in the fight against coronavirus. He soon lost his post in mid-April, Mandeno dismissed. However, his successor oncologist Nelson Tech also did not hurry to approve chloroquine: he resigned on may 16, not having worked in his office and month.

The fact that chloroquine helps patients to cope with the coronavirus, it is still not proven. In many patients, this drug may cause cardiac arrhythmia. According to the doctors in recent weeks at home died hundreds of Brazilians self-administer chloroquine without permission of doctors. However, the Ministry of health plans in the coming days to officially approve the use of this drug for the treatment of coronavirus.

Bolsonaro against the local authorities

Health Ministers Mandate and TAC has incurred the wrath of the President, including, and because of its support of the restrictive measures taken by local authorities. Bolsonaro emphasizes that the closure to quarantine of shops, restaurants and schools is detrimental to the Brazilian economy.

However, the President’s hands are tied because the decision on the introduction or easing of quarantine adopted at the level of States and cities. Because in some regions, government hospitals are already overcrowded, local authorities are increasingly adopting stringent measures.

In some areas of Rio de Janeiro have already entered lockdown. The same thing is happening in the state of são Paulo, where coronavirus already died more people than in China.

50 million Brazilians claim to benefits

Under pressure from Parliament, the Brazilian government decided within three months to pay financial assistance to persons who worked without contracts, as well as single mothers. The allowance amounts to about 100 euros a month: it claimed about 50 million Brazilians – almost every fourth inhabitant of the country. Due to huge demand before the banks formed a long queue that led to new cases of infection.

However, the threat of economic recession may once again lead to the rising popularity of Bolsonaro, whose rating is steadily decreased. To do this, the President of Brazil simply need to blame the suffering of the people of the local authorities.

От "легкого гриппа" до катастрофы: как Бразилия стала очагом пандемии

От "легкого гриппа" до катастрофы: как Бразилия стала очагом пандемии

От "легкого гриппа" до катастрофы: как Бразилия стала очагом пандемии

От "легкого гриппа" до катастрофы: как Бразилия стала очагом пандемии