From Lvov with the voice of Kvitka Cisyk: what songs brought Oksana a Fly in the finale of “the Voice 9”

Львовянка с голосом Квитки Цисык: какие песни привели Оксану Муху в финал "Голоса страны 9"

Tomorrow, April 21, will host the Grand finale of “the Voice 9”, which is waiting for millions of fans. A finalist from the team Dan Balan is from Lvov Oksana Mukha. The singer charmed everyone with his gentle voice, which is incredibly similar to the voice of Kvitka Cisyk. What kind of music she has performed on every stage show, see the material LifeStyle 24.

Oksana Mukha has a tough task in the blind auditions of “the Voice 9”, she went on stage final participant. At that time some judges have already picked their teams for more participants. However, Dan Balan immediately claimed that he will wait for an unusual voice and only special contender is ready to give extremist.

Oksana Mukha star told the judges his story. The woman admitted that she came to the project not only in order to pass on or subsequently to win it, and especially to the present generation not to forget the legendary songs of Kvitka Cisyk. From Lvov called it his mission to take her songs to the masses.

Yes, incredibly similar voice Oksana Flies to Kvitka tsisyk fought Dan Balan and Potap. Both of them showered her with compliments and talking about her feature, however, the inner feeling given to understand that you need to choose a Moldovan singer and the novice in the coaching chair. And Oksana is not mistaken. With Dan Balan woman reached the final of the project and on Sunday, April 21, will fight for the desired statuette and the title of “the Voice 9”.

What songs sensual Oksana Mukha gone all the way “the Voice 9”, refer to the selection LifeStyle24.

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