From Motorola to Samsung: how to change the cell-phone market in the world interactive infographic

От Motorola до Samsung: как менялся рынок мобильников в мире – интерактивная инфографика

The first mobile phone was released by Motorola in 1973. It is not surprising that over time this company has maintained its leadership in the market of mobile phones.

In 1998, the market situation has changed, and first place went to Nokia, which remained the undisputed leader in the market for a long 14 years.

At the same time in 2012, the first place went the South Korean manufacturer Samsung. Its smartphones remain the most popular on the market today.

To a certain extent the turning point was in 2009 when the leaders have an Apple. She now ranks second in the world. Around this period, a strong position on the world market began to take Chinese manufacturers.

Now the first 10 of smartphone manufacturers is as follows:

  1. Samsung
  2. Apple
  3. Huawei
  4. Oppo
  5. Vivo
  6. Xiaomi
  7. Motorola (Lenovo)
  8. Nokia
  9. Sony
  10. Google

Interestingly, in the top five, only Apple is an American company, and all other manufacturers from Asia.


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