From one furnace: China has copied the Russian su-35

Из одной печи: В Китае сделали копию российского истребителя Су-35

Technology for super maneuverable fighter of the last generation after buying the Russian Federation, apparently, has been taken over by Chinese developers, and their new Shenyang J-11D was an exact analogue of the su-35.

It became known that China did almost the exact copy of Russian fighter su-35, at least in appearance, but under a different name – the Shenyang J-11D. After testing this model, super-maneuverable fighter, the Chinese developers have stated that their plane has the same features and capabilities as the Russian su-35, that is essentially copied. Difference is only that in the fore part of the Chinese counterpart is also installed aircraft avionics and radar system.

Experts note that the development of the Shenyang J-11D in China began to engage after the purchase from Russia of the latest su-35. Despite the recent news of funding cuts, the defense industry, Russian military equipment is very popular and it was she, according to experts, “inspired by” Chinese designers. That is in fact the su-35 and the Shenyang J-11D fighters from one furnace, but with small technical differences.

Thus, according to all appearances, Russia understands the risks the sale of military equipment to its Asian partner and will take into consideration the fact that falling into the hands of their technology gives you the opportunity to declassify all the weaknesses and strengths of their weapons.