From the aquarium to the mirror: five things that will attract money to your home

От аквариума до зеркала: пять вещей, которые привлекут деньги в ваш дом

Experts on bio told how to improve the financial well – being- for that we’ll need the usual stuff. With their help, the room can change the energy field, according to experts in this specific field, but you need to follow some simple recommendations.

Gold has great energy potential and no wonder asotsiiruetsya with wealth. In practice, however, it is possible to apply more than a simple substitute of yellow coins in circulation.

The ritual for the summoning of money is carried out in the following way: lay out 12 coins so that they caught the moonlight. On the morning of the same coin, you need to put in the red bag, and place other valuable things in the house such as cash, stocks, or jewelry.


Mirror, like any mirror surface, the oldest human companions in magical rituals. Experts say the ability of mirrors to multiply including money, for what the masters of Feng Shui suggest to place them in front of a mirror – especially in this will help the yellow coins. Experts on bioenergy suggest to make it so that the mirror reflected the view from the window, and pass near the mirror stands with a smile.

Water tank

People have long tried to settle near bodies of water, and bioenergetiki celebrate their positive influence on many aspects of life, including financial.

If near the house to find a lake you can’t, then the problem can be solved by a container of water, such as, for example, aquarium.

The water container must be wide, and the water in it is sufficient and fresh.

Honey is also traditionally considered to be energetically charged substance that was widely used in Ukrainian ritual practices.

Special requirements for the use of honey to improve the financial status of bioenergy is not marked, the main thing – that it was natural and fresh. The tainted honey could lead to the opposite result and bring not only monetary loss, but also harmful to health.

Red thread

Red strings are often used in incantations against diseases, but also in financial matters, they also find use. For this I advise you to get a ball of red thread that the house should be wound on a wooden object and place under the bed.