From the boats of migrants make the bag

Из лодок мигрантов делают сумки

Leo Udalski

A powerful stream of migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East surged in recent years in Europe. Many of them traveled by sea in rubber boats, which were then dumped on the shore. Two activists from Germany, who came several times to the Greek Islands to help migrants and to engage in cleaning the beach, I decided to use the abandoned boat as a raw material for the manufacture of bags and backpacks. They founded the company Mimycri, and started production, employing now the immigrants from Syria and Pakistan.

“People who arrive on European shores – the same as we are, they have the talent, experience, which they did in their countries, and we wanted somehow to show that, – says Vera Gunter, co-founder Mimycri. – And we thought that the best way to do this would be joint work that will give them the opportunity to show their talents”.

Part of the funds on the business development of allocated power of the country, 30 thousand euros managed to raise through crowdfunding. The money in Berlin was filmed in a small room for the shop and arranged transportation of abandoned boats. The modelling of bags was done by professional designers. Part of the proceeds goes to other projects supporting the integration of migrants.

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