From the Carpathians to the Dnieper – in the commissions showed how cancel unused ballots

От Карпат до Днепра - в комиссиях показали, как погашают неиспользованные бюллетени

Not used in the election ballots by law to pay to make it unfit for possible use. Long-term practice has developed so that the cut area of the newsletter.

Kolochava in the Carpathian and Dnipro in the election commissions after the end of voting at the extraordinary elections to the Verkhovna Rada, not saying a word, newsletters repaid exactly the same original way: with an ax.

However, in the forest Kolochava is made with the help of the woodcutter’s hatchet, and in the South the Dnieper – normal rural “sekirei”. But the result was the same: the area was falling much faster than when otstavanie scissors – newsletters cut whole stacks.