From the coronavirus died 76-year-old British actor from “Star wars”

От коронавируса умер 76-летний британский актер из "Звездных войн"

British actor and specialist dialects Andrew Hutchinson, known under the pseudonym Andrew Jack, died the morning of March 31 from the coronavirus.

The last days of the life of 76-year-old actor was in hospital for a town of Chertsey near London.

As reported by the British newspaper, the wife of a celebrity because of the quarantine stuck in Australia and not be able to say goodbye to her husband.

Andrew Jack is known to audiences for her role of major rebels of Salana of Amatta in the seventh and eighth episodes of “Star wars: the force Awakening” and “the Last Jedi”.

Workers of the film industry more know him as a teacher of elocution who taught the actors the different dialects and accents.

As a teacher Andrew Jack worked with Robert Downey Jr. when he was preparing for the title role in the biopic “Chaplin.”

He also developed the accents of the Greeks and the Trojans in “Troy”. Thanks to him, the audience heard the sound of the languages of the peoples of middle-earth in Peter Jackson’s trilogy “the Lord of the rings”.