From the movie about stone cut scenes with Putin’s godfather Medvedchuk: you know the reason – 24 Channel

З фільму про Стуса вирізали сцени з путінським кумом Медвечуком: відомо причину - 24 Канал

The film is about a writer-dissident Vasyl Stus, which should be released in 2019, deleted all mention of Viktor Medvedchuk. Godfather Putin was defending at the trial of the poet, although the defendant refused it.

This was announced by actor Gennady Popenko, reports Ukrainian Pravda. Life.

“Going through the casting for the film “Stus”, I read the script. It was the scene of the last judgment on the Stus. That court that his Stus and Ukrainian intellectuals did not recognize, but the lawyer Stus, comrade Medvedchuk, acknowledged not only the court but also Stosowa “guilty” – written on the page in Facebook is basically.

The course of the lawyer-defender. And then there was the last reference Vasyl Stus, from which he will not return. Classic of Ukrainian died in the Soviet camp is only for 6 years before Ukraine gained independence. Recently, I saw that judgment is no longer in the film. Asked about it the actors playing in the film. They confirmed that judgment gone,
he said.

Presenter noted that it was removed from the shooting schedule without telling anyone. Even a character like Medvedchuk, the film no longer. But the casting was, the actor was found and he was preparing to shoot.

According to participants of the shooting process, “the producers received a call from the administration Medvedchuk” and said that if they want to shoot the picture, do not want provocations, it is necessary to clean up the scene of the trial of Stus”.

Information about removing the scenes “up.Life” was confirmed by the producer Artem Denisov: “Yes, indeed, removed, but not only this scene, but also some others. First of all, because the script was originally assumed nearly 180 minutes.”

According to him, the scene with Medvedchuk cut only through the question of the timing of the film.

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