From the NSDC, the security service and demanded Zelensky reaction to a propaganda video conference “Need to talk”

От СНБО, СБУ и Зеленского потребовали реакции на пропагандистский телемост "Надо поговорить"

Announced by Russian propagandist Dmitry Kiselev, the teleconference with the participation of speaker of Russian propaganda “Russia 24” and controlled by Putin’s crony Viktor Medvedchuk TV channel NewsOne, who want to spend July 12 – a blatant provocation of the Kremlin, aimed at undermining and destruction of national sovereignty of Ukraine, said political parties “European solidarity” and “the Voice.”

“This project is the unconditional legalization of propaganda on Russian content through the Ukrainian mass media, which we interpret as actions that creating a real threat to the national interests, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. We remind the initiators and the direct perpetrators of this “TV show” that deliberate acts aimed at inciting national, racial or religious enmity and hatred, on humiliation of national honor and dignity are subject to criminal investigation… the so-called “teleconference” is an exceptional provocation from the Kremlin, another mechanism of influence on the Ukrainians during the election campaign. The goal is simple – for a “conversation on peace” to get to the Verkhovna Rada as a lot of Pro-Russian deputies to politically secure the rematch in the Verkhovna Rada”,- reads the statement of the party “European solidarity”.

In the “EU” demanded a reaction to the intentions of the channel Medvedchuk from the Council of national security and defence, the security Service of Ukraine and President Vladimir Zelensky and warned that in case of inaction of the authorities reserve the right to act on their own and means.

In the “Voice” advocacy teleconference called “telemini”and also demanded a reaction from the national security Council, the security service and Zelensky.

“This is a threat to national security. Information occupation of Ukraine – the same threatening prospect, as well as the occupation of the territories… Appeal to the NSDC, the security service and the President of Ukraine with an appeal to give due legal and political assessment of such actions of the owners of the TV channel NewsOne and the media holding “news” aimed at undermining the national sovereignty of Ukraine… Then, as now Pro-Russian politicians use the purchased channels, once again confirms that we need to ban the oligarchs to use information broadcasting for propaganda purposes. Media should guarantee editorial independence from the owner. Representatives of the party “the Voice” do not participate in television channels belonging to the holding “news”, and channels that hold anti-Ukrainian position, and urge the representatives of other Patriotic forces to also withdraw from such participation,””, – reads the statement of “Voices”.

Commented on the intention to hold a teleconference and the head of the Ukrainian government Volodymyr Groisman, who remind Ukrainians about the coming revenge.

“I appeal to journalists and executives: remember, with whom we have a war in the East, who kills our soldiers in the Donbass, destroying Ukrainian cities and who annexed Crimea. Remember – and drop this project. Do not play into the hands of the enemy,” – said the Prime Minister in his Facebook.