From the realization of foreign trade of military contracts “in the shadow” is output from 200 to 400 million dollars. a year – expert

От реализации внешнеэкономических военных контрактов "в тень" выводится от 200 до 400 млн долл. в год - эксперт

According to rough estimates, given the practice of establishing a special exporters of the amounts of Commission and Agency fees and formation costs for insurance of the goods and their transportation, which in some cases exceed half of the value of the contract – today in the shadow area from the implementation of contracts you may receive from 200 to 400 million dollars. USA per year.

About this in his article for ZN.UA says Dmitri Mendeleev. According to him, about the same in the Ukrainian budget is allocated annually for the purchase of arms and military equipment under the defense order.

“This is the question of damage to the defense and security of the country”, – emphasizes the expert.