From “the Zhiguli” have made this “lighter” style Rally Fighter

Из «Жигуля» сделали настоящую «зажигалку» в стиле Rally Fighter

The dunes in the desert is the best way for this “Penny”

Tuning domestic cars in the CIS – a fairly common phenomenon, which is often accompanied by not the most pleasing to the eye “the farm” and other gimmicks, which only detracts from the appearance of the once-desirable cars. However, there are instances that cause surprise and delight, because such projects are very few.

For example, VAZ-2101, which was built in the style of the car Rally Fighter, and even with family 1.6-liter engine, which was substantially modified to cope with the terrain and feel confident on it. Surprisingly, “Zhiguli” of the parts in this “Penny” is a pretty big number and it’s not just the project, which took the appearance of “classics” and set it on the base cars.

The biggest work was done with the body and the bottom of the VAZ-2101, as digested and filed almost everything to achieve the desired result. Replaced all the spars, arches to fit and could turn the wheels, the rear part is almost completely cut to become already and also perform the function of the carriage of two wheels, as implemented in many American projects of a similar genre.

Equally important, all done by the owner of the VAZ-2101 and even scary to imagine how much he has left discs for the grinder and what account he will write for the electric power, since the welding in this project is the main instrument. The power unit “Lada” completely smashed, put sports features, set the turbo and all is allowed with the usual 1,6-liter engine “to remove the” 300 horsepower.

It is not necessary to look at the unkempt appearance of this Rally Fighter Soviet production, as this still unfinished project MMEgarage that lead your blog Very interesting, how will this “penny” in the finished state, it’s possible to tell a Handbook on how to make “the Zhiguli” this “lighter” in the style of the Rally Fighter.

Из «Жигуля» сделали настоящую «зажигалку» в стиле Rally Fighter

Из «Жигуля» сделали настоящую «зажигалку» в стиле Rally Fighter