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Від кого з батьків дитина успадковує ожиріння - 24 Канал

A group of European scientists conducted a study and found that children inherit from their parents different types of adipose tissue.

This is stated in the experiment, molecular biologists from the University of southern Denmark and researchers from the universities of Cologne and Vienna, writes ScienceDaily.

They found that parental genes are inherited by offspring of mice that trigger the development of white adipose tissue – the same one that accumulates in the so-called problem areas, stomach and hips.

Від кого з батьків дитина успадковує ожиріння - 24 Канал
As the parent genes affect the development of obesity

Genes are transmitted by mothers, according to experts, “include” the growth of brown fat cells. Latest able to protect the body from the accumulation of masses of white fat.

We are talking about the gene H19, which refers to 1%of the genes inherited from only one parent. The researchers found that this gene is associated with a control function in the cells of brown fat. Its activation protects the organism against obesity and development of insulin resistance.

The active gene H19 contributes to the prevention associated with excessive fat deposition diseases – diabetes, metabolic disorders, and cardiovascular system.

Від кого з батьків дитина успадковує ожиріння - 24 Канал
By the father’s genes contribute to obesity

The conclusion of scientists is that by the father’s genes contribute to obesity, and the genes of the mother protecting this child.

What is obesity? It is a condition in which the subcutaneous tissue and other tissues accumulate excessive amounts of fat.

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