From Zelensky explained why insist on the inauguration may 19: fear of traffic jams

У Зеленского пояснили, почему настаивают на инаугурации 19 мая: боятся транспортного коллапса

The representative of the headquarters of the newly-elected President Vladimir Zelensky Dmitry Razumkov told main reasons why they insist on the date of his inauguration on may 19.

Razumkov about it has told on air of “freedom of speech” on ICTV channel, reports Ukrainian Pravda.

It turns out that all the spears break just because the team Zelensky worried about possible traffic jams, which can happen due to the large influx of foreign visitors. According to him, it would be wise to minimize all of the discomfort that will be associated with the day?? the inauguration for the inhabitants of Kiev.

“We all know that any events, visits of foreign guests are the restrictions on the movement in Kiev. If we are talking about the day of the inauguration, it is actually a full transport collapse in the Central part of the city because everything will be perekryt. In order to minimize this negative effect Vladimir and offers to spend his first day off, and in fact, it is number 19,” said Razumkov.

“If before Happy could get together and set another date, it would, of course, comforte and correct inauguratio to spend before,” – said the representative of the headquarters Zelensky.

As you know, Parliament is scheduled on may 14 to determine the date of inauguration of the President.