From Zelensky explained why Ukraine is not going at the PACE session

У Зеленского объяснили, почему Украина не едет на сессию ПАСЕ

Refusal of Ukraine of participation in the PACE autumn session, Ukrainian scandal in the United States, membership in NATO and communicating with the media – live 24 channel people’s Deputy, Deputy Chairman of the faction “servant of the people” Eugene Kravchuk.

On the refusal of Ukraine in PACE autumn session

– Need to explain what will be happening from September 30 until October 4 is planned, in particular, celebrations of the anniversary. Already have a list of countries, in particular, the Baltic countries, which a few months ago, when it became known that Russia will return, seceded from and did not participate in the meetings of solidarity with Ukraine.

– It would be strange if we participated in these celebrations. But this does not mean that the delegation will meet with European politicians. We do not endorse their so-called “accreditation” that is not supported by this period, but we have the right to decide until January. We will see how the situation is changing. We also appealed to France, which presides over the Cabinet of Ministers of the Council of Europe to consult and to remind you that the occupation continues.

About the Ukrainian scandal in the United States

– Obviously, I joined colleagues from the office of the President and the foreign Ministry. Not worth to comment on something, actually, before the meeting (Zelensky trump – 24 channel).

– We on results due to the difference in time learn the morning of September 26. I remind you that this is not a COO is actually an official visit to the United States, this occurs through participation in the 74th sessions of the UN General Assembly, which will last a few days

– Bilateral meeting Zelensky and trump, the President of Ukraine at the General debate of the session, a number of bilateral meetings with the NATO Secretary General, the UN Secretary-General and Prime Ministers of European countries – in particular, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Italy – and a meeting with the President of Romania. “There will also be a meeting with the Ukrainian community – in fact, it will start, it will be the first item.

What is known about the Ukrainian scandal in the United States?

In the United States broke the scandal because of the investigation that Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine began in 2014 against former Minister of nature protection of Yanukovych Mykola Zlochevsky and gas company “Burisma”.

Ex-officer accused of illegally obtaining licenses for gas production. In the same year, the Board of Directors of the holding company “Burisma” entered the son at that time US Vice-President Joe Biden – hunter. In 2016, the case was closed for lack of evidence of a crime. And then he dismissed the then Prosecutor General Viktor Shokina. It happened after the visit of Joe Biden to Ukraine.

Former US President admitted that he demanded from Ukrainian authorities the dismissal of the controversial Prosecutor. But attempts to intervene in the investigation against the company “Burisma” and the role of his son within her, denies. However, accuses Donald trump of cheating during the presidential campaign.

On Ukraine’s accession to NATO

– President Vladimir Zelensky stressed several times that the Euro-Atlantic course of Ukraine remains. Only, you know, when you say that here we write in the Constitution, then when you say “halva” in the mouth does not become sweet at once. If we are going to write and adopt 10 bills with the title “we go to NATO”, then expect us to action.

In fact, what is important is to switch to standards. On the right attitude to the officers, to the normal provision that is generally reformed their whole system.

Recently colleagues from the Committee have proposed a bill that forms a defense plan of country. Here, important structural reforms. Accordingly, as soon as we’re ready, then we can talk about membership in such organizations. Of course, they give security and so on. But they won’t take no reformed country. Accordingly, we must become strong and then improve negotiating positions in an organization.

How many Ukrainians support Ukraine’s accession to NATO/ Infographic 24 channel

On the Tishchenko reaction to journalist

– You can explain that it’s all new members and they haven’t quite moved from a different area, when they could not afford to answer the questions. Obviously, it still held a transition from one social role to another. Always, that even Nicholas says he feels that picking on him more. Perhaps that is why such a reaction.

Nikolai accountable to voters in the majority districts of Kiev. That they chose him, he didn’t come on the party list. Accordingly, if the voters will ask, needs to explain to them.

What is known about the incident between the journalist and Tishchenko?

MP from the party “servant of the people” Nikolay Tishchenko and his colleague in the faction Artem Kulchenko enraged the journalist’s question on the composition of the new Cabinet. In particular, she asked the name of the Minister of health. “Servants of people” are unable to answer this question, although they themselves voted for it. Instead of answering, the deputies advised her to “drink of water” and added that she has no right to check.

У Зеленского объяснили, почему Украина не едет на сессию ПАСЕ

У Зеленского объяснили, почему Украина не едет на сессию ПАСЕ