Frozen children and artificial insemination is very dangerous

Замороженные дети и искусственное оплодотворение очень опасно

Experts around the world trumpeting the alarm – the use of modern technologies, reproductive function, can harm the newborn.

Danish scientists found that the “frozen” children are exposed to great risks. Children born by IVF are more prone to various health problems, higher chance of birth earlier than planned. Researchers knew about the weaknesses of the “frozen” children, but, to date, about possible chronic diseases were not known.

From the start of IVF, scientists feared for the possible consequences. Experts of many countries argued that the use of modern drugs created for the treatment of infertility, can lead to the development of cancerous tumors in a newborn. The reasons for the concerns were justified, it is “frozen” children’s doctors discovered a previously unknown anomaly.

Danish researchers conducted a study based on data from about a million children. Experts are unable to determine the exact cause of these diseases, but identified several possible factors. One of them is the unknown component of the drugs, which somehow weakens the child’s immune system and causes various anomalies. A second possible factor is the mother’s body. Due to the fact that the uterus is not able to produce offspring, after taking the drug, it does not produce white blood cells, which causes various cancers in children. Also, scientists noticed that the use of the ECO is bad for the weight of the newborn. The “frozen” children underweight at birth is found almost twice as often than children born naturally.