“F***s evrointegratory!”: Kiva offers to hang Ulyana Suprun

"Е***ые евроинтеграторы!": Кива предлагает повесить Ульяну Супрун

The people’s Deputy from “opsi” Ilya Kiva once again excelled inappropriate outburst and statement.

This time the object of his attacks was the former acting head of the Ministry of health of Ukraine Ulyana Suprun.

On his page on “Facebook” Kiva, do not hesitate to foul language, I wrote a post with threats against Suprun. He accused her and her “associates and supporters with the followers of” the collapse of medicine in the country and offered to hang them next to each infectious hospital with the sign “Murderers!” at the neck.

Finally, the odious politician called Suprun and her supporters among Patriotic Ukrainians “e@@@sat evrointegratory”.