Fulfill his cherished dream. “Mother and child”

Исполните свою заветную мечту с МЦ «Мать и дитя»

If you are just dreaming about your own child, but not yet able to become parents, this offer is for you! Only to 31.01.2019 in medical centers “Mother and child” initial consultation free-of-charge is free! Clinics operate in Kyiv, Lviv, Zhytomyr. In the state – physicians of the highest qualification category, candidates of medical Sciences, doctor of Sciences. From 2018, here adopts Eli geva, a leading Israeli fertility specialist. Specialist shares his experience of colleagues from Israel in the issues of infertility treatment. All the doctors regularly undergo training, attend conferences, seminars and congresses, including abroad. And in order to help their patients to realize the cherished dream – to become parents!

What services does MTS “Mother and child”

Medical center appeal to plan or observe pregnancy. It has its own laboratory and all the necessary modern equipment for diagnosis.


  • Obstetrician-gynecologists, gynecologists-endocrinologists. They can come not just with complaints, but also preventive technique. They hold the reception on the couch with a “colposcope”, taking swabs, do ultrasound. If necessary, select the treatment, in every way trying to help the woman to maintain sexual health.
  • Urologists, andrologists. These specialists diagnose and treat diseases of the urogenital system in men. They are inflammations, chronic enuresis, Oncology, sexual dysfunction, or just come for a preventive appointment.

Clinics offer genetic diagnostics, cryo-conservation. The procedure allows to preserve embryos, sperm or eggs to late to use them.

In addition to the treatment of infertility, those who cannot conceive on their own, are offered here:

  • surrogacy;
  • the oocyte donation to women who have no eggs (the donor);
  • intrauterine insemination – a procedure in which the uterus is injected prepared sperm;
  • ICSI – the introduction of sperm into the egg;
  • invasive methods of sperm retrieval.

Patients also receive comprehensive psychological support – conducted individual consultations, there is a school of the future parents.

To learn more about services and promotions on the site of the medical center or in the clinics. Especially for future patients here monthly themed open days. To ask about the near, call into the information centre “Mother and child”.