Functional children’s smart watch, Xiaomi will be useless for the Russians

Функциональные детские смарт-часы Xiaomi окажутся бесполезными для россиян

Half of the functions may simply not adapt to not realize, as in the case of the Apple Watch.

New “smart” watches, Xiaomi has gained significant name Mi 3c Mi Bunny Children Phone and focused solely on the younger generation. They have a nice and simple design, reliable components and even quite extensive functionality. The truth here is use some pieces outside of China may or may not get.

If children’s smart watch did not win widespread popularity, it may happen that for other markets to adapt and will not be, for example, for Russians, they will simply be useless. What is especially frustrating because one of the main emphases of the novelty is educational component in the form of riddles, games and other content for preschool and Junior pupils.

Despite this, the product is Xiaomi was interesting. The strap is made of hypoallergenic materials, the case has got moisture protection, battery life lasts a week, a colorful display with a diagonal of 1.3 inch protected by glass Gorilla Glass. For children this is really hard to come up with something more suitable. In China, this new product will cost $57. It is hoped that such functional timepiece will appreciate not only Chinese kids.