Fund Nikolay Rastorguev has received from the Moscow budget 200 million rubles

Фонд Николая Расторгуева получил из бюджета Москвы около 200 млн рублей

Moscow authorities gave 191,1 million rubles to the Fund Nikolay Rastorguev from the group “lube”, it’s a half times more than all the expenses of the Fund for the last three years, said the publication, said the “Open media”.

Fund Nikolay Rastorguev is on the list of recipients of grants for the preservation of cultural heritage for 2017-2019 on the website of the Moscow city hall.

“They [191,1 million rubles until the end of 2019, the Fund was to restore the façade was built in 1880 year, the three-storey house on the street Zabelina in Moscow, where he was. In the same building was owned by the singer “Production company Nikolay Rastorguev”, – writes the edition.

From the information on the website of the Ministry of justice, it became clear that the Fund Rastorguev for 2018-2019 money to repair the house is not spent.

“But at the end of 2019, the Fund has agreed to purchase the mansion in controlled by the Moscow city administration, JSC “SEM”, according to the data of Rosreestr. Finally the deal was closed in February 2020,” – said the media.

Buying house could cost to Fund the pilot, half the price of 191 million rubles. Since 2007 the house has the status of the revealed object of cultural heritage, which imposes restrictions on its use is that the cost of these buildings is relatively low, explained by the “Open media” real estate expert.

The publication asked for clarification from the pilot Fund and the Department of cultural heritage of Moscow, but explanation is not received.

Fund Nicholas Rastorguev was established in October 2014, he is initiator of the charitable projects aimed at helping children-pupils of the Russian children’s homes. The Foundation also participates in activities related to the support of arts and culture, noted on its website.