Fund Poroshenko sent the first 10 thousand protective suits for doctors

Фонд Порошенко отправил первые 10 тысяч защитных костюмов для врачей

Poroshenko stressed that the global market is now a huge hype around medical

First 10 thousand special protective suits which were brought from China due to the Corporation Roshen and “Charity Fund Poroshenko”, sent to hospital, Chernivtsi, Ternopil oblast, Kiev and Vinnitsa. This was stated by the fifth President, the leader of “European solidarity” Petro Poroshenko, reports RBC-Ukraine.

As the press service of the party in the next week Poroshenko plan to deliver these suits and in other regions of Ukraine.

“Ukraine is now facing very serious challenges. In addition to Russian aggression – yet the epidemic is coronavirus and severe economic difficulties. Just as we in 2014-2015 together and rebuffed the Russian aggression, the efforts of volunteers, ordinary citizens. Just as when we collected the armor, unloading is most needed and almost destroyed the Ukrainian army. Now we have to protect our doctors, because they are now at the forefront of the fight against the coronavirus,” said Poroshenko.

According to him, doctors should be dressed in protective suits, have a quality mask, high quality antiviral glasses, Shoe covers, gloves and most importantly have the equipment and medication in order to save the Ukrainians. Also Poroshenko stressed that the global market is now a huge hype around medical.

“In fact, where we ordered 70 thousand, now the factory is trying to rip us a contract, because the Russians came with suitcases of money and trying to catch our contract. But we will deliver to Ukraine necessary quantity of protective suits. Today the suits are gone in the most affected regions of Ukraine. This Chernivtsi and Ternopil. The part will remain in Kiev, part will go to Vinnitsa. And in the end in the week we will do that in every regional center, the doctors had something to defend themselves. Only under these conditions they can provide quality medical assistance to Ukrainians”, – said Poroshenko.