“Funky robots”: Microsoft teaches AI for unmanned vehicles to experience fear

«Трусливые роботы»: Microsoft учит ИИ для беспилотных машин испытывать страх

Human emotions in AI: anxiety, anxiety and fear will help avoid accidents.

Microsoft introduces the ability of people to robots. She does this not just so, and to secure the drive in the car. Scientists have proven that human emotions that help drivers to remain vigilant on the road. Engineers are actively developing unmanned vehicles, and therefore take into account this fact in their designs. Experts have tested with the participation of the drivers. People put on special bracelets with sensors. The sensors record your body’s response to what is happening while driving. This information is used to create robots.

Microsoft teaches AI for unmanned vehicles to experience fear, in order to minimize risks on the roads. Emotional intelligence will allow drones to use safe driving as they will understand the risks. “Funky robots” will do better “brave brothers”. They will put on the first plan and ride by the rules, if you learn to feel fear like humans.

The man driving gets nervous when his car approaches the cliff. Same reaction from the AI was able to achieve engineers. They have tested and understood that emotional intelligence endowed robots choose the safe way of driving a car. This gives hope to reduce accidents in the widespread use of drones.

It is expected that using “cowardly robots” the number of road accidents will be reduced by 25%. Engineers recreate the decision-making model AI replicating human behavior, and yet they successfully managed to do it.