Funny captured separable during the assault, – the fighter of a battalion “Donbass-Ukraine” – October 12, 2018 – 24 news Channel

Смешно взяли в плен сепаров во время штурма, – боец батальона "Донбас-Украина" - 12 жовтня 2018 - Телеканал новин 24

The second-in-command of a company of fire support of the battalion “Donbass-Ukraine” Vitaly Averin protect Ukraine in the East with 2014. To his credit – many of the offensive operations to liberate the Ukrainian settlements from okuppantov and a huge supply of live stories from the front.

As the battalion of the militia were captured and what happened, as the locals met the Ukrainian military in the beginning of the war and what has changed as “Avera” was severely wounded and survived, and why he will fight to the end of the war, read an exciting interview with channel 24.

Tell me how now meet local?

Recently a funny incident was in zaytsevo. We with the journalist of channel 24 Eugene Nazarenko sought a position, and there was no connection. The grandfather walked, we podehali to him:

– Father, we are the militia, Eden to her in Gorlovka. How to pass ukrov?
There is a lot of response. They make me shout “Glory to Ukraine” ukropy a fucking. Now, son, tell me…

The reaction of local has changed. Previously, most of the remaining was for the “Russian world” and thought that he would come soon. But this did not happen. And now they do not care who comes to power, the main thing not to shoot. I don’t blame them. Well, imagine, four years in zaytsevo or Avdeevka you sit under fire… But easy to treat it can not.

Смешно взяли в плен сепаров во время штурма, – боец батальона "Донбас-Украина" - 12 жовтня 2018 - Телеканал новин 24

When you return territory, how to bring people back?

It will be a big problem. See how it is? Well, we will refund Zaitseva, organized by checkpoints and military patrols in the first months… And the local you a knife in the back. You won’t easily make friends. People will be fanatics of the “Russian world”. Need them in Russia, probably, send.

You see, my commander of artillery Gaiduk himself there – from Donetsk. And it is not like after the war to sit in the place where the next table will rest the former militia fighter… Certainly not to avoid conflict. We have to somehow “pokoldovat” over it. But the land will not give up. And the Crimea, too. You need to return every inch of our land.

A lot of local fights in the militia?


Were taken prisoner?

It was the case. For example, during the liberation Popasnoy in 2014. We already took the city and remained in separ checkpoint. Look, and from the enemy two cars drive. Thought – our. Podlezhit, but “Colorado”, lentochka. We bought and immediately blocked the road, when you try to go to fire them. Dude goes and chirps: “Hey, guys! Shit, it looks like from all sides climb. Our post has already taken, and hence it is necessary “to act.” Walks closer and sees Chevron “Donbass is Ukraine”… Well, all agreed. There we took.

Смешно взяли в плен сепаров во время штурма, – боец батальона "Донбас-Украина" - 12 жовтня 2018 - Телеканал новин 24

Another funny incident happened in zaytsevo this year. I was on the cover, and the four of us climbed into the lair of the enemy turned by the operation. All done and waiting for the report that all is well and you can move. Suddenly it seemed separable:

– Who’s there?

Here our Colonel “Walker” jumps out with a gun and a flashlight and shouts:
You, BL*th, thumps here and there was a team fight! Let’s go line up, without weapons!

Separable just do not give honor, are built. And one grabbed the gun, bought it, had to kill the ego. Here we are back and went with this “catch.” Were local: one of Makeyevka, the second of the Boundary, and the third from Yasinovataya. And we have killed the personnel of a Russian citizen.

The militia easily passed the class information. It turned out we thrashed four months is not their headquarters. The captives showed where the real headquarters with barracks. And we have another two days training with all the arts: tanks, howitzers, mortars hit there. And smashed the elite troops of “Somalia”.

Смешно взяли в плен сепаров во время штурма, – боец батальона "Донбас-Украина" - 12 жовтня 2018 - Телеканал новин 24

When we fight a good fight, so we throw against elite forces. In zaytsevo corresponded with “Somalis”. The fighting was hard, but we three were taken prisoner and liquidated about 40 people.

Why Zaitsev did not manage to release?

Yes, the first half of zaytsevo, and the second at Gorlovka’s. Separable is very close. We can see them and they can see us. They’re down near Gorlovka seriously strengthened. Recently, the guys from 24-th brigade that had fought together in the “Donbass” tried to take mine of Lenin and died. They went’s tightly covered. To take Zaitsev, you need a very good preparation for the assault.

Смешно взяли в плен сепаров во время штурма, – боец батальона "Донбас-Украина" - 12 жовтня 2018 - Телеканал новин 24

This prevents the current positional phase of the war?

Partly. 2014-2015 was offensive. I do not believe that we will fight in the winter. Believed the President’s words that the ATO may not last for months. Literally took, we just strip the terrorists.

And then 2016-2017 and started the team “the Truce”. What a truce in the ATO?! If you see a terrorist, I have to kill him, we have the same operation! Need to return 2014 to come. Many say that trench warfare. But what we also come! Vaughn may, Gladsome took. Gorlovka would have to take, that would be nice!

Смешно взяли в плен сепаров во время штурма, – боец батальона "Донбас-Украина" - 12 жовтня 2018 - Телеканал новин 24

When did the trench warfare, there was a desire or attempts to leave the army?

Yes, I tried. Too disappointed in this war. But it came back. If started needs to continue. I’ve been fighting for their land and I think to get to the end, as long as health and strength enough.

You twice seriously wounded, but you’re out of the hospital ran to the war… Tell me, how was it?

Was injured in February, when there was large-scale offensive operations for the liberation of Shirokino. The regiment “Azov” for the week was 12 “two hundredth” and very many wounded. They could not withstand such pressure and we were given the command to replace them.

I was the head of the column. When you rode into town on a bullet the way, gave the command to move forward. It was hit polygonella Russian equipment and dead bodies. Said to go straight so I went directly to the platoon-a strong point to separable…

From all sides began our columns to shoot. Killed the people that went. “King” on the spot through the windshield and killed, and “Mikhailovich” was shot. I vyplesnut and post hid. Separable started shouting: “Go!”. I didn’t go out, and they ripped with an RPG in a post. And I… Blood from the ears, eyes, eardrum burst, hand all bruised… But I pulled our and later by helicopter immediately to the hospital Mechnikov was taken, and from there to the “Feofaniya” near Kiev.

Lay-lay I month, talked with the boys, who also Zaruba was cool, as the war was in Shirokino. And I really wanted to back to his children. Could not resist asked, when you can go. The doctors said not soon… I’ve written refusal of treatment and with the battalion commander went to the East.

It is true that bad then still feel: a headache, a lot oselkov in hand left. But my burden was not. At his feet stood firmly, but the machine could not keep. But nothing! Performed duties of platoon commander and gave instructions on the radio, and people were shot. And after about a month he began to shoot.

Смешно взяли в плен сепаров во время штурма, – боец батальона "Донбас-Украина" - 12 жовтня 2018 - Телеканал новин 24

And Zaitsev was the same situation. When you attack someone’s shrapnel in the head hit, and I only finger violently twisted. We were taken to the hospital in Bakhmut, and then sent to the hospital, but I refused and after tying the night in a taxi in zaytsevo is back.

No surprise, then, that you were awarded the order “For courage” . degrees.

But you can not speak about it? But if you want – will tell. I am against these medals. Give, throw, make keychains on bags or give to someone. In “Donbass” I wrote of the failure that the designer of medals. For me, only one award was significant – “folk hero”. Non-state actors. And the order “For courage” I received a long time ago. You see, the medals handed out now all in a row. They say that grandchildren will. And grandson citnet history and say: “Grandfather, you’re ahrenel? These orders were given to everyone, what you boast?” That is, if a weapon has…

But the war is not only “shooting” … How diluted the leisure?

When your journalist Yevhen Nazarenko arrives, they all look like scared and laugh (smiling). I have been in command of a division, and it forces me to be positive and encourage the guys. Look in the eyes of the boys fear, trying to joke, to invent something. I even when shelling fun. Lots of funny stories and “VIDOS” Nazarenko is where we are pinned under heavy fire.

Смешно взяли в плен сепаров во время штурма, – боец батальона "Донбас-Украина" - 12 жовтня 2018 - Телеканал новин 24

What you have a positive experience with the war?

Became less aggressive. When you see a conflict for some garbage in a peaceful area, act as a diplomat. I want to explain that there is a war, and you have to survive, not for some trifle.

Circle of friends has changed dramatically. The war helped to understand people. I used to think that I have a lot of friends, and, as it turned out, only two supported me from the beginning to now. It’s Max and Tom. They are going through, I call almost every day, support… In 2014, the Theme of each season the quality of ankle boots bought. Even when I refused, found, where, and how to forward. I am very grateful.

And new friends found in the war! People with whom it is easy. So glad to see them. Try to meet more often.

You and love at war found?

Yeah, met my man. Imagine: Alla – the ex-soloist of the Russian band “Cream”! She left Moscow as soon as the war began. And 2014 goes to the front. She has a brother in razvedite was, he was gone and she from the beginning to the present day helps the guys at the front, collects orphans for repairs boarding in front-line cities, transports children to events…

Met through the social network. And then she achala in the sand, seven minutes we drank coffee, and she went on. We started to communicate and poobshalas. Yes, the girl is beautiful, but not beauty it took me. I’m looking for open, honest, responsible people. She could have had it all, but she chose this life.

Смешно взяли в плен сепаров во время штурма, – боец батальона "Донбас-Украина" - 12 жовтня 2018 - Телеканал новин 24

Now you are together in a noble project “Invite me to the war”, the final of which is today, October 12. How’s it going?

So cool! A large-scale project: the volunteers, the journalists of the military are invited to the dance. And me, the bride was invited. Of course I said Yes! I was lucky that Alla dances. At first a little warm up with the waltzes, but it’s so easy. I like such adventures. Waiting for the finale and a surprise in store. Just Shh!..

Photo: Alexey Kondakov and personal archive of Vitaliy Averin.

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