“Funny shit”: Why the gun “Boa” failed to see the rusty PM?

«Смешная пукалка»: Почему пистолет «Удав» не смог заметить ржавый ПМ?

The spetsnaz officer has shed light on the weaponry of the military.

A new weapon for the Russian military the Ministry of defence in early 2019, has not justified their expectations from the word altogether. This was stated by bloggers and SWAT officers, who “awarded” innovation.

Gun “Boa” was to replace the outdated in every sense of the Makarov pistol, embarked on the armed security officers in the distant 50s. Advantage of new product was supposed to be a resistance to critical temperatures, survival in mud and sand, caliber and rate of fire.

According to the self-titled Colonel of special troops of FSB and blogger, “the Boa” did not answer any of the claimed benefits.

“One of the axioms of special forces “alpha” States: the Best gun is the gun,” said the blogger.

The simplicity of “old-fashioned Kalash” failed to instill the “iron grandson”.

“In the hands of uncomfortable to hold it. The change of caliber of 9×19 to 9×21 has not produced the desired improvements. Many who had the honor to take a “Boa”, go back to the old Makarov. Just a funny gun,” said the blogger.

A gun SWAT weapon called “last chance” – when nothing else remains. But then, last chance, and you can not miss in your mistake.

The main reason why “Boa” left “unfinished” – haste.

The defense Ministry was in such a hurry to see the old and rusty PM, which put the soldiers of PM in a new cover.

However, the Colonel agreed that Makarov must be removed from service along with TT. Needless to say that the guns are jammed and refuse to work.

The main reason is low power and no penetration in the new vests 4-Oh and 5-Oh generations.