Future Apple products will drive everyone crazy – Tim cook

Будущие продукты Apple сведут всех с ума, – Тим Кук

On Friday, 1 March, Apple held a meeting for investors in Cupertino. During the event, the head of Apple Corporation, Tim cook has shared plans for the future and spoke about his vision for the company’s products.

As reported by GSMArena, Tim cook confidently stated that never been so optimistic about the current state of the Corporation and its future development.

According to the head of Apple, now company “plants the seeds” for future products that will drive everyone crazy. Share the details, he did not, but confirmed that the company has an ambitious road map of fantastic products.

Будущие продукты Apple сведут всех с ума, – Тим Кук

Concept flexible iPhone

The company’s plans. According to rumors, this year will be presented to the AirPods second generation, in which the developers will improve the sound and introduce the noise canceling function.

As for Apple Watch, future models can expect to have more useful options associated with tracking the health of the user. In particular, the Corporation was looking for a way of measuring the level of glucose in the blood.

Будущие продукты Apple сведут всех с ума, – Тим Кук

The concept of smart glasses Apple

Tim cook also remembered about the plans to reduce the price of MacBook Air with Retina display.

The services of the company. He added that by 2020 the company intends to increase revenues from services to $ 50 billion. It is expected that later this month Apple will announce the introduction of subscriptions to the news and present the analogue of Netflix for streaming movies, TV series and TV shows.

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