Gabe Newell: Valve for a long time was not engaged in single games because of the fascination with e-sports

Гейб Ньюэлл: Valve долгое время не занималась одиночными играми из-за увлечения киберспортом

From the may issue of EDGE continue to leak into the Network all-new interviews with Gabe Newell (Gabe Newell). Fresh fragment of the head Valve paid attention to eSports.

According to Newell, the company so long time not doing single player games due to the fact that was excited about eSports, which is actively developing to this day:

We believe that eSports is beautiful, we love it, it’s growing really fast – that’s why he delayed us for such a long time. People have noticed that at some point we temporarily moved away from the deep single player games. This was largely due to the fact that we found more flexible “experiences” elsewhere. I mean that the typical gaming company just continued to release a sequel for a sequel. However, the reason why people appreciate Valve, is that we choose interesting problems and solve them. It is very interesting to return to this state again.

Even Gabe notes that the value of the cyber industry is not only competition, but also the players. As an example, he cites Clement Ivanov (Clement Ivanov), better known as Puppey, which in the future will be able to monetize their skills outside of the Championships:

They [the players] create a truly great entertainment just as the authors of mods, levels or cosmetic items. I think they will be very interesting in the future. What may change is the realization of their values. Puppey already increasing its value, creating a spectacle, but it will always be a scarce commodity. Right now he monetizes itself through the tournaments. But perhaps ultimately these incredible players will find new ways to generate income.

The weakness of Newell to eSports it is easy to notice, starting with the opening speeches at the annual The International tournament for Dota 2, sponsoring events Major series for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and ending with a great love of the “DotA”.

Recall that in an interview with EDGE, Gabe also talked about the competition with Epic Games Store, and the failure of the Artifact, and also about the upcoming incredibly intelligent AI that will change the single player game.

Гейб Ньюэлл: Valve долгое время не занималась одиночными играми из-за увлечения киберспортом