Galkin, admit it! Pugacheva is dying network

Галкин, признай это! Пугачева находится при смерти - сеть

The long absence of the prima Donna, the mournful silence of Maxim, as well as problems of Alla health has done its job – the followers believe that the heart of the singer taps the last days.

For several weeks the people’s favorite – Alla beyond “in touch” with their fans. From Maxim is also not heard any information. Under Galkin’s posts in Instagram and then “slip” comments, which worried fans of the star family ask about where the hell is Alla and whether she was okay. However, the reviews neither the Maxim nor the environment of the prima Donna does not arrive.

The last video involving Alla came on the page of Maxim in the social network at the end of may, more about Pugacheva “no hearing, nor spirit.”

Although about a week ago Galkin and upload photos with Alla Borisovna, it is likely that the photo is old and most likely for the sake of appearances, at least so decided the fans stellar family. Although, he admitted that Pugacheva is something wrong, the news would instantly spread around the world.

On Instagram Maxim always was easy to observe the life of his family. The comedian often upload photos and videos with his beloved wife and children, so, after Alla “disappeared from radar” followers and began to sound the alarm.

The fact that Pugacheva has always been a heart problem, the woman has already gone through several surgeries and bypass surgery. To the whole is added, and the venerable age of the performer and also her deteriorating condition after the anniversary concert.

Therefore, it is likely that fans of Alla right, and Pugachev is dying.

Most likely, a Diva has been examined by highly skilled professionals, and caring for it constantly leads her husband, who “doted” in his half.

Галкин, признай это! Пугачева находится при смерти - сеть

Галкин, признай это! Пугачева находится при смерти - сеть

Галкин, признай это! Пугачева находится при смерти - сеть