Galkin does not hit all the notes, playing the song for Alla Pugacheva

Галкин не попадал в ноты, исполняя песню для Пугачевой

The public has not had time to cool down from the concert of Alla Pugacheva, in celebration of its 70th anniversary.

The event took place on Wednesday, 17th April, and on Sunday the elect was able to participate in the closed event, which was held at the elite restaurant “Breeze” on the ruble.

At the entrance stood a lot of guards, entrance of the guests there was carried out strictly according to the lists, the press pass was closed. Among the distinguished guests invited for the evening, was even the head of the Russian government Dmitry Medvedev.

Despite the fact that birthday passed in a big way, Alla Pugacheva was dressed modestly emphasized. On top she wore jewelry, which fans have identified long-standing and very expensive gift from Kirkorov – suspension “harlequin” for 80 million.

Nikolay Baskov has posted a instagram video of him accompanied by a former spouse Diva and current sings “birthday”. Philip held steady, which is what many users say about Maxim Galkin. Some ventured to suggest that, perhaps, the humorist happily allowed themselves to relax and drank a little too much.

Alla Pugacheva is almost never paid attention (or tried to make) in star mens Trinity, slitting at this point, a birthday cake. On video it is visible that Maxim Galkin, swaying slightly, based on Baskov tries to sing, not missing a note.

It is known that at a private party in the restaurant on the ruble were invited about 200 guests. In addition to Prime Minister Medvedev also attended the event ex-Governor of St. Petersburg Valentina Matvienko. he also recalled that some time ago the Network discussed daring dance Maxim Galkin, who played at friends birthday last summer. Usually he doesn’t allow himself to relax more, but at that time the Diva husband and I agreed that now it’s his turn to have fun – the result is dancing on the table.

Галкин не попадал в ноты, исполняя песню для Пугачевой

Галкин не попадал в ноты, исполняя песню для Пугачевой