Game ARK: Survival Evolved was free – Techno 24

Гра ARK: Survival Evolved стала безкоштовною - Техно 24

Popular game ARK: Survival Evolved temporarily became free. Freely available it will be until November 11. With even a few days it will be an additional discount.

The plot of the game is that players are thrown on a mysterious island with mysterious flora and fauna. In this case, gamers threatens literally everything. Any animal can be dangerous predator, and the random passer – enemy.

Adds complexity and weather, it is very nepentbicola. In order to survive here you will need ingenuity, tenacity and of course, courage: it will have to face the tyrannosaur.

If you don’t have time to play this action free of charge, until November 13 for the game will apply a discount of 60%.

ARK: Survival Evolved: trailer

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