Game Destiny 2 you can get free Steam

Игру Destiny 2 можно бесплатно получить в Steam

Destiny game 2 moved to Steam and become free. Like insides surfaced back in June, but only now the gamers totally free to add a shooter to their library.

How to get free Destiny 2? The shooter can be tied to your account on a special page on Steam and pre-load now and start playing it will provide the opportunity, beginning 1 October.

In other words, action is completely transferred to the propagation model free-to-play, money will only be sold add-ons. For example, Shadowkeep will cost 429 USD.

Previous plans of developers. This is somewhat at odds with the original plans for Bungie to release something like a Starter Pack – “cropped” version of the original Destiny 2, which can pump up to full for money. But the current model looks much more generous.

The trailer for the game Destiny 2 – watch the video

What is known about the game? Recall that Destiny 2 out in 2017, and loved critics. But gamers have leveled the game with a ground for the overly greedy monetization and lack of content. As a result, developer Bungie has had to go from the publisher to build the future of the project in their own way.

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