Game Metro: Exodus has received thousands of positive reviews on Steam

Игра Metro: Exodus получила тысячи положительных отзывов в Steam

More recently, gamers have fallen off the ratings of all the previous games Metro on Steam. Now, however, the last Metro: Exodus in the same digital store received a lot of positive reviews though and not sold on Steam.

The story of the scandal from Steam. A solution of 4A Games and Deep Silver to make a post-apocalyptic shooter temporary exclusive Epic Games Store has caused outrage gamers. Although the game and disappeared from the shelves of the store, but Steam still has a page Metro: Exodus description, and screenshots, and users can leave reviews.

Reviews gamers. As noted by Eurogamer, one would think that Metro: Exodus will be subjected to a barrage of negative reviews, but it’s not. In fact, players have filled the page post-apocalyptic Thriller the positive feedback to such an extent that the game received “very positive” rating (out of more than 2500 inspections at the time of writing 85% were positive).

Trailer Metro: Exodus – watch videos

Of course, it should be noted that leave reviews are mostly loyal fans who are pre-scored pre-orders (before switching to Epic Games Store the game on Steam bought 200 thousand people). And still the result is interesting.

Despite all the misunderstandings around and my personal belief that the decision of the publisher was unfair for those customers to Steam, which planned to buy the game after launch, the team 4A Games made a masterpiece. This game is art. They have created something unique and beautiful from the desolate post-apocalyptic world
– said user AMZ.

“Exodus is a great game that could use some patches and fixes. If the launch was not marred by misunderstandings due to questionable business decisions, I think the game would be very loved now,” said AKatarzynaK.

Criticism of the game. Players not only praised Metro: Exodus in their reviews, but often at the same time criticize the decision to make Steam, and complain of a large number of technical shortcomings and mistakes.

Игра Metro: Exodus получила тысячи положительных отзывов в Steam

A screenshot from the game Metro: Exodus

By the way, the company Epic Games plans to add the same system of user feedback in your store, but it will be included by the decision of the developers.

We are experimenting with other mechanisms to improve this functionality
– said the head of Epic Tim Sweeney.

Reviews about the technical part. The technical part of the Metro: Exodus also became the object of intense discussion. Specialists in the digital lab Eurogamer called the visual component shooter a technological breakthrough, and in a version for PCs supporting the RTX – a real phenomenon. These praises could not skip past the ears of the technical Director Activision Angelo Pesce, who noted that in this case mediocre called best.

Игра Metro: Exodus получила тысячи положительных отзывов в Steam

A screenshot from the game Metro: Exodus

Date of the announcement. Recall, Metro: Exodus was released on 15 February on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version is available now for purchase only in the Epic Games Store, Steam, the game will be in February 2020.

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