Game Metro: Exodus will be released in the Windows Store – release date

Игра Metro: Exodus выйдет в Windows Store – дата релиза

While loyal users waiting for the Steam release of the game Metro: Exodus in the favorite service, Microsoft was able to negotiate with the publisher Deep Silver about the appearance of the shooter branded digital store.

Let us not forget that the PC version of the shooter was supposed to come out on Steam, but two weeks before the announced date (February 15,) became a temporary exclusive Epic Game Store.

On the service Valve the game should come out only in 2020.

Trailer Metro: Exodus – watch videos

Release date of the game in the Windows Store. Meanwhile, the Windows Store now available a page dedicated to Metro: Exodus. According to the description, in the digital store of redmondave shooter will be available on June 9, according to Overclockers.

Microsoft at E3 2019. It is worth noting that on the day scheduled for the press conference of Microsoft at E3 2019. Probably about the release of Metro: Exodus at the new site software giant will announce during the upcoming exhibition.

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