Game of thrones 8 season 3 series. How did the Battle for Winterfell

Игра престолов 8 сезон 3 серия. Как прошла Битва за Винтерфелл

April 28 (morning of 29 April Kyiv time) entered the third series of the final season of “Game of thrones”. It lasted 81 minute. We have collected all the information about the “equator” of the most awaited series of the year 2019. Until the end of the story three of the series.

The trailer and description of 3 series of season 8. The battle for Winterfell

On the eve of the release of the next series HBO released a trailer with the army of the King of the Night, which is coming to the castle of Winterfell. The country watched the third episode.

Spoiler alert. Below the video is a brief retelling of the story.

The series starts with the military preparations inside Winterfell. Confused Samwell Tarly keeps the obsidian axe. Tyrion concentrates as bran under the protection Theon Greyjoy is taken to the godswood. Preparations for the attack of the dead who are already near the castle.

The rest are silent and the stress on the walls – including Sansa and Arya that are not yet in the crypt. As always bareheaded. Seen in the North even in winter is not so cold. Or the creators just don’t know what real cold.

On top of patrolling dragons, Queen Daenerys.

The walls of Winterfell lined up Spotless in front of them – catapult, and at the forefront is the dothraki cavalry.

Almost all the characters of the series also came out with the castle grounds. Even Sam Tarly with a scared face becomes operational next to Mournful Addom. Jon snow, Daenerys and the dragons, ready to break into battle, located on a hill, from which a panoramic view of the future battlefield.

All strain my eyes in the darkness in front, waiting for the army of the dead. There leaves only one rider – the red priestess Melissandre. She ignites arachi (curved swords) dothraki and all of their cavalry into a sea of fire.

It was encouraging to see the defenders of the castle. But not for long. The dothraki Horde with Indian whooping goes on the attack, venturing into the darkness. In a few minutes the whooping ceases, and the flaming swords of the nomads off.

Going back only a few horses and apparently mutilated Jorah Mormont. Followed by the onslaught of the army of the dead, which quickly crushed flawless and all the rest.

To the rescue come the dragons. Jon and Daenerys sitting on the reptiles, watered with fire the enemy’s rear, cutting off the vanguard of the dead from the main army. They are trying to fly to the far rear of the white walkers, where are their commanders – but there are dragons fall into the “turbulence” because of the strange frosty cloud that comes on the heels of the army of the undead.

On the battlefield the battle takes even Sam Tarly. But attack of the dead is too strong – especially since the dragons have lost in an ice storm and no help. People retreat inside Winterfell, their retreat cover are Flawless.

And bran in the godswood under the protection of the King waiting for the Night. Sansa, Tyrion, Varys, Melisandre had already disappeared into the crypt.

The retreat of the people, meanwhile, turns into a rout. The white walkers break all the fortifications that were built under the walls of Winterfell – including strange buildings, similar to anti-tank. Apparently, they had to delay cavalry. Where the dead never really was not.

Why in General was to withdraw the main forces outside of the castle is unclear. After all, every dead dead soldier join the army of the King of the Night (as has already happened with a part of the dothraki, no one knows what rushing to attack the invisible enemy). That is a major challenge for people in this situation was to lose as little as possible killed. And it does not need to go out of the castle. Wall easier to defend, and against the mortuary “aviation” zombie – dragon – Daenerys and John has two.

Those dragons could safely burn out half the walkers, even without involving the army in the field.

But back to the plot of the series. After the defenders managed to retreat inside Winterfell, Davos gives the signal to the dragons to set fire to the moat, napoenny probably oil. However, Daenerys and Jon because of the icy darkness do not see the signal torches. Here comes to the aid Melissandre. It comes down to the moat and the spell sets fire to it all around the castle. The wave is dead smashes into the barrier.

Fire through the haze and sees Daenerys, who now understands where to go.

In the crypt, meanwhile, is pretty fun. Sansa tells Tyrion that she was not such a bad husband. Bran goes on a exploration, as the three-eyed Raven and went to the rear to the dead. There he sees the King of the Night, flying on the dragon. He gives orders to the dead, and they begin to rush into the burning moat of Winterfell. The barrage begins to slowly fade. A cunning plan.

By creating several such passages, the dead rushing through them to the walls of the castle. In parallel, over it hangs the King of Nights on your dragon. John, have returned to base, again up – to intercept the leader of the dead. Upstairs he meets Daenerys. It hurts dragon of the ice magic of the former’s brother, but he is alive.

The battle is already in full swing on the walls and under them. Teenage lady Mormont kills a zombie giant – Oh grabs her hand and she plunges the obsidian spearhead in his eyes.

Dead men break into farm buildings inside the castle. They kill Barrica Dondarrion.

But the main drama is now being played out in the Godswood. Guarding bran and his squad are surrounded by the dead. Above them is a battle of the three dragons – in the end the King of the Night dropping down. Daenerys burns the King flames of his dragon, but it won’t take him.

John lands with a Valyrian sword at the ready, rushes behind King of the Night. He slowly walks away from John, followed by rise of the fallen on the battlefield – now they’re white walkers – and obstruct the main antagonist from the King of the North. He leaves, and the dead surround John.

Moreover, the dead rise all around the castle. What was said above – each killed in the war becomes a recruit in the army of the dead. The zombies begin to break into a crypt.

Daenerys on a dragon burns the dead, surrounding John. He runs to help bran. And the white Queen is attacking the dead. She falls from the dragon, but she is saved by Jorah Mormont.

Then the battle turns to finish off the remnants of the living dead superior forces. Sansa, Tyrion, Varys, and others descend into the crypt. John running around Winterfell, dodging from the dead, from the ice dragon. Theon alone protects bran, that someone is the King of the Night with his “General staff”.

Greyjoy King of the Night kills personally. He slowly goes to bran. But from above it falls, and Arya stabs him in the body of the dagger is Valyrian steel. The one who once wanted to kill bran in the first season of the series.

Following this die all the risen dead.

The battle is over. Melissandre relieves neck wrap magic, instantly grows old and dies.

Where and when to watch in Ukraine

Live shows the new series, HBO NOW (monthly subscription at $14.99, the series without translation). The evening of 29 April (22:00) series lay out for subscribers of the provider “Will”, which launched the library Foxnow. The next day after the show series can be found on Vodafone TV. The last season of “Game of thrones” is also available on such commercial services as Megogo,,,

Interesting facts after the second series

After the second series of “Game of thrones” and compliment the famous author of horror Stephen Books. He wrote on Twitter that, as an author, writing a long time, is in awe of how beautiful the minds of the show gathered together all of the main characters in Winterfell. And the story made it look easy, but readers can be sure that it really was not easy.

Surfaced another interesting fact. It turned out. in the second episode of the series starred former CIA Deputy Director David Cohen. This was reported in the Twitter Department.

“Look for our former Deputy Director, who wanders around Westeros, in today’s episode of “Game of thrones”, – stated in the message.

Cohen played in the crowd. In the story, he was standing in line for soup at Winterfell and silently received their portion of the ser Davos Seaworth.

The historical events that inspired George RR Martin

Despite the fact that in the novels the father of “Games of thrones” by George R. R. Martin’s a lot of magic and imagination, he was inspired by real historical events. For example, the long war of York and Lancaster in the UK – the war of the roses. These two branches of the same dynasty fought for the right to have the throne in the 15th century. Or shaft of the Emperor Hadrian to protect England, which was occupied by the Romans from the incursions of the tribes to the North. Once the remains of the 117-kilometer wall have been preserved in our time.

And the episode with the molten gold that was poured on the head of Viserys, like the story of the Roman Emperor Valerian. He was captured by Yves prisoner by the Persians and forced to drink molten metal.

Игра престолов 8 сезон 3 серия. Как прошла Битва за Винтерфелл

Игра престолов 8 сезон 3 серия. Как прошла Битва за Винтерфелл

Игра престолов 8 сезон 3 серия. Как прошла Битва за Винтерфелл