Gameplay demonstration and more details about “endgame”content Anthem

Геймплейные демонстрации и подробности об «эндгейм»-контенте Anthem

All fans of online multiplayer entertainment in the style of The Division and Destiny know that the main story is only the first step on the way to the coolest clothes and weapons. Journalists and “youtubers” already introduced to test postsurgery content of the Anthem. Below are their impressions and a pack of gameplay videos.

After the campaign you will get access to three activities – contracts, the three fortresses (the analogue of “strikes” from Destiny) and free exploration. In the “miroma” it is best to collect materials for crafting, contracts are suitable for pumping, and in the fortresses fall out powerful items of equipment.

Media representatives were given a pass two fortresses and the legendary contract on the Grandmaster level I. Figure I indicates that this is only the first of three levels of difficulty – it is the enemies take 165% boost to their health. Compared to the third stage of it’s flowers – Grandmaster III, the enemies become stronger for 3 100 %!

Game Informer writes that the legendary contract is not too much different from other classes in Anthem – the party has consistently cleans the arena with the enemies and collects the scattered fragments.

But the fortress “Church of the Scar,” the author praised – in his words, design locations encourages vertical gameplay. On this map are particularly well-suited javelina ability to fly – usually, say, about flying remember only in between fights.

“Endgame” reveals the full potential of customization javelin. According to Game Informer, builds in Anthem so diverse that a viable team can be assembled from different variations of the same class.

Among the disadvantages, the reporter noted recurring biome – as well as many other locations, “the Temple of the Scar” is in the jungle. Perhaps the developers of privalia other regions for the full version, but there is an impression that the world Anthem does not possess natural diversity.

The article also mentioned it’s not very interesting loot. The journalist believes that things of the highest level of rarity to give unique properties or to access interesting mechanics, but the author had the item, just increase the performance of the exoskeleton. Excitement does not cause and weapons: while many of the samples are similar to each other, and shooting them does not bring the satisfaction which gives the use of class abilities.

However, action Executive producer mark Darra (Mark Darrah) says that “endgame” will be able to find the equipment that impresses you and appearance, and performance. As an example, an employee of BioWare told about the gun, giving a special bonus for getting headshots after headshots your grenade launcher within 15 seconds will deal additional fire damage.

Anthem will be released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 22. 1-3 February anyone can try out an open demo of the game.