Gamers accused the company of spying: details

Геймеры обвинили Blizzard в шпионаже: детали

This year, Blizzard will hold a BlizzCon event, which announced their new projects. Although the event has not yet begun, it has already managed to make some noise in the gaming community: they believe that the publisher is spying on them.

What happened? According to information of the resource Reddit, at the end of March, Blizzard announced that tickets for BlizzCon 2019 will be sold on the AXS platform, and wishing to get to the festival you need to install on your smartphone a special application.

The reaction of gamers. First, gamers are angry with the fact that the need for mobile: in 2018, the Corporation has already burned because of the scandal with Diablo Immortal and careless phrase “you Have that phone?”. But this was only the beginning.

The announcement of BlizzCon 2018 – watch the video

After studying the AXS app, the user DeathKoil came to the conclusion that the program requires access to a suspiciously large amount of data and functions. Contacts, location, camera, the list of wifi connections, billing information, telephone number and address. And the owners of the software, apparently, share with third parties – ostensibly for the benefit of consumers.

Gamers accuse Blizzard in an attempt to cash in on their fans, because such data are extremely expensive. Public calls to boycott BlizzCon.

The reaction of the company. The company itself, despite the hot debate on the network, has not commented on their choice and the decision to use the services of AXS.

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